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Carolina Ceramics // Sustainability


Environmental responsibility is a priority at Carolina Ceramics Brick Company. That's why our manufacturing facilities meet or exceed state and federal environmental regulations. We are committed to always improving our manufacturing process, thereby reducing environmental impact. Just a few of our earth-friendly practices include:

   Using rainwater, run off water and recycled water in brick making
   Recycling clay and bricks that don't meet our quality standards
   Using high-efficiency, state-of-the-art natural gas kilns
   Recycling heat from kiln cooling zone
   Complete reclamation of clay mining lands

Our products are just as environmentally-friendly as our manufacturing practices. Brick is one of the greenest building materials available because:

   It's made from clay and shale, two of the most abundant natural resources. It requires no maintenance and lasts for thousands of years.
   It's an excellent insulator that conserves energy.
   It's fireproof, insect proof and water resistant.
   It's completely recyclable.

Click here for Carolina Ceramics Brick
Company's complete Environmental Policy.
If you would like to acquire a copy of Carolina Ceramics Brick Company's LEED Certification,
please contact:

When you choose Carolina Ceramics brick, you can feel good about our products and how we make them. Together, we can protect our environment for future generations.