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Carolina Ceramics // History


Carolina Ceramics Brick Company stakes its reputation on each brick that leaves the kilns. Since 1939, our commitment to advanced engineering has established us as one of the nation's leading suppliers of quality brick. Our innovative approach continues to broaden our product line, from an initial offering of residential firebrick to today's extensive array of colors, sizes and shapes that inspire architectural excellence.

Over the years, we have placed our customers' needs first by establishing strategic partnerships with key distributors nationwide. In the short term, we could have invested less. It the long term, we are glad we did. Because we like to be available should a question arise that requires a Carolina Ceramics representative to be on site. That commitment to personalized customer service is just one reason Carolina Ceramics has been so successful. But it's one very important reason!

We are determined to exceed our customers' expectations. Anything less is unacceptable.

1939  2 beehive kilns; 8 million brick produced per year
1952  8 beehive kilns; 21 million brick produced per year
1955  Added shuttle kiln; 25 million brick produced per year
1966  First tunnel kiln added
1970  First commercial brick manufactured
1982  New ownership; distributor network increased
1992  Purchased by large North Carolina manufacturer
1997  Michael W. Borden purchased company after managing for 4 years
2000  New plant; robotic technology; index-fired kiln; 55 million brick
            produced per year
2004  New grinding plant
2005  Plant expansion including addition of world's largest brick robot;
            80 million brick produced per year
2008  Investment in facilities and equipment to improve product, packaging,
           storage, and shipping